Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fair Isle Sweaters

My big project this winter was knitting a Fair Isle sweater. Then I decided to knit a second one before I forgot how! For the colored part of the patterns I pretty much made it up as I went along by getting ideas from other sweaters and patterns. I discovered that Fair Isle is very forgiving. I was never sure what I was going to come out with until it was all finished! It took a few trials and errors to get the hang of what combination of colors would go together for a good balance and contrast, but I am pleased with the final results. Just don't ask me to repeat it!
My ultimate goal is to make a Norwegian sweater with snowflakes! Anyone out there have a favorite pattern they would like to share?
I must give credit for this year's project to my dear friend Anjali's mom - Kanta Sethi - who inspired me through the gift of a sweater about twenty years ago before I ventured off to Colombia, South America. That sweater travelled with me pretty much everywhere. It always seemed to be the right weight and warmth for any but the hottest climates, and always warmed my heart to wear this loving gift. It reminds me of the clothes and sandals that did not wear out as the children of Israel travelled through the wilderness, for no matter how many times I washed and wore this sweater, it seemed indestructable! I continue to get compliments on the original sweater! Thank you again, Anjali & Mama Sethi for your many kindnesses over the years.

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