Saturday, January 16, 2010

Frost in Florida

We visited Florida just in time for their record breaking low temps. Yes, that is frost on the bushes!

Good thing the main purpose was to go with Jim's mom Jan to visit Jim's sister Deb and her husband Joel, who live in Leesburg, about 60 miles northwest of Orlando.

We enjoyed seeing the area where they live, going out to eat several times around town, and just hanging out at their home, with one overnight trip a couple hours east to America's oldest town, St. Augustine.

Can you believe this is Florida?
A wheelchair enabled us to zip around and sightsee more things with Jan, who tires quickly when on foot.

Jan's cousin Elsie drove down from Mississippi to see us. First time these first cousins had ever met - Jan age 71, and Elsie age 82! They didn't even know that the other existed before a couple of years ago when some genealogy research revealed their common ancestry!

Bernis, Elsie and Jim

Joel and Deb Deboer (Jan's oldest daughter), Jim & Bernis
Angela (Elsie's oldest daughter), Elsie & Jan

What a special blessing this visit was for us all. Thank you, Angela and Elsie, for making the 8 hour trip down just to meet us! And to Deb and Joel for their hospitality. It didn't take any time at all to feel right at home with each other.

We're also thankful that we got out of Minneapolis airport 1/2 hour before the airport closed due to a false alarm from a security dog, as well as a bit before the parts of Orlando airport closed due to some suspicious luggage.

Next venture... Arizona!