Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow snow snow

Jim stopped shovelling snow long enough to snap this pic.

Our most frequent neighborhood visitor, "Toby", was just slightly more cooperative than my husband in modelling my handmade "toque" (that's "stocking cap" to the Americans) He wasted no time shaking it loose after the pic was taken, so I won't be doing any knitting for him!

Other than handcrafts, walking, a bit of skiing, driving people to medical appts, baking, visiting, it has been a quiet fall for me. Jim has done a couple house plan estimates for people who would like to build next summer. We still have a house for sale, but the winter market is slower than molasses in January! His computer skills have increased greatly as he pursues some of his interests online.

Here are pics of a few houses Jim has been in charge of building (now totalling five including our home):

I have been blessed this week by listening to an audio stream I found online called Prince of Peace. There are a few ads initially, but then it's all music at
The DJ writes, "This is music that has helped me get through a very difficult time in my life" and then lists some of his serious health problems. He goes on to say, "This has all caused a lot of stress for my family and myself to say the least, but God is good! He is faithful, and an ever-present help! ... If He has helped me (see my testimony at he will certainly help you!" (Testimony is actually about how he, a Jewish man deeply entrenched in the New Age, came to call on the Jesus of the Bible to rescue him from a spirit of death.)

How thankful I am as well for the peace that comes into our lives all through the year through believing and following the Prince of Peace.