Saturday, June 20, 2009

A stroll around the yard

Home Sweet Home.

This delicate wildflower thrives in the shady forest along with wild roses, ferns, wild raspberries and wild strawberries.

The dwarf apple tree - three varieties in one.

The strawberries did fine with the cool, wet spring.

We enlarged the garden but there's still well over an acre we haven't decided what to do with yet.

A view from the south looking north. Wild daisies thrive even in the clay soil heaped up around the septic tank.

Jim decided to play with his tractor in the sand pile! What a goof!

An Inside Tour

Jim's corner.

A galley kitchen and bathroom to the left.

Upstairs is open with bedroom on one end (handmade quilt given to me by a church in Saskatoon), stairwell in middle, sitting area on the other end.

My great-grandmother's Singer Sewing Machine still works.

Jim's Family Visits (June 12-16 2009)

Jim's mom Jan, brother Steve, and cousin Joy came up to the cabin to visit us.

Jan, Joy and Steve - As goofy as ever!

Steve's bedroom - anything for a little privacy!

Toby, the neighbourhood dog, finally showed up to visit Grandma on the last day and was rewarded with lots of treats and attention.

We heard a motor start up, and there she was, taking the Festiva for a joyride!

What did she do to this anyways? Actually, just checking it out.

Joy's friend Karen and her grandson Steven joined us for Jan's famous homemade noodles and chicken.

Need some mosquito spray? Ha ha, it's Silly String!!

Me and my favourite goofy mother-in-law!

Trip to Canada (May 16 - June 11, 2009)


On May 16 Dad had a heart attack, followed by cuadruple bypass surgery the next day. Jim drove me up, returning to Bagley two days later. I was happy to help Mom and Dad for 3 1/2 weeks until Dad got on his feet. I knew he was going to be OK when he was finally able to go down for coffee with his buddies by himself!

It was nice to see my family and friends again. Here's my brother Collin.

My nephew Trent and his wife Jenn were up the first weekend as well, but didn't get their pic.